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We hate repetitive tasks. We love automation. We embrace the cloud.

We help you keep your infrastructure costs under control while staying secure and compliant to the regulations your online business needs.


Costs under control

Yes, the cloud can be quite expensive. But there is always a good compromise if you know the right buttons to push. We help you with your could invoices so that you only pay for what you really use.


Always a first-class citizen

Every day new vulnerabilities appear. It's really hard to keep track and there is nothing 100% secure. But if you follow the basics you will be protected from the most common attacks.


Required for online business

Your business needs to operate within a specific set of privacy and security requirements, guidelines, and best practices. It's not evident how to do that in the cloud with the shared responsibility model but we can help you comply with them.


Don't repeat yourself

It's ok to do things by hand every now and then. But humans are error-prone. Why risk that when a script can do the job for you?


We are experts at the major public offerings

AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, OVH, Linode, ... to name a few. We can help you automate your workloads in any of them.

Tech Consultancy

Decades of expertise

Maybe you want to validate your designs with a second opinion. Maybe you need to accelerate your journeys to the cloud and automation. We can help you speed up with top quality.

Types of projects

We can help you in a wide number of projects, in different modes, depending on your needs.

Fractional DevOps

We join your team for a number of hours a week during some months in order to level up your engineers and speed up your infrastructure needs. At the end, we provide docs and train your team so that you will only need to call us when you have new needs.

Maintenance Mode

Your company has stable traffic patterns and you don’t need to have someone full time any more. But the lights are still on and your need to monitor and evolve your deployments. We can take over and make it better, faster, cheaper for a much lower fee than a full-time salary.

Tech Consultancy

Maybe you have some specific need your team needs to speed up and we can help them. Sometimes you need a second opinion on what your cloud architects just proposed. Perhaps you want tips and strategies to reduce your infrastructure bills.


These are some of the keywords that make us happy, amongst many others.

Amazon Web Services
Monitoring - Grafana
Gitops - ArgoCD
Databases - MongoDB
Databases - PostgreSQL
Queues - RabbitMQ
Databases - MySQL
Event Streams - Kafka
CI/CD - Github
Databases - Redis
Logs / Metrics - Datadog

Let us help in your journey to automation

Reduce costs and human errors. Focus on your business while scripts do the boring job for you.

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Sucess stories

We perform all our projects under very strict NDAs. And we take them very seriously. 

But we can describe you some of the projects we have done so that you get a grasp on what we can for you!

AWS migration / ECS

Project developed in Amazon Web Services for a leading company in the private chauffeur transport for business travel.

The client wanted to migrate from their on-prem setup to a scalable cloud while keeping costs under control without sacrificing scalability.

Technologies: ECS, Elasticache, Bitbucket, S3, RabbitMQ, Solr, EC2, PHP, Nginx, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Packer...

Cloud costs reduction

We have done this kind of assessments for a good number of clients

Some are young startups where the free credits suddenly expire and they need to reduce costs, others are big companies with hundreds of servers.

Technologies: AWS, GCP, Azure

Multi-cloud infra-as-code

Fractional DevOps for a leading company in OCR automation for Fintech.

The client wanted to have a multi-cloud 1-click setup to help installing their software in their clients infrastructure. This had to work both in AWS and Azure while keeping runtime costs as low as possible.

Technologies: Terraform, AWS, Azure, Docker Swarm, Ansible

Improve existing automation

A number of small ad-hoc projects for multiple clients.

Have some particular need you do not know how to tackle? Contact us!

Gitlab pipelines / DevOps culture

Fractional DevOps for a leading smart charging devices manufacturer.

The client needed to bridge the gap between development and operations so that they worked together to achieve the company goals. We were part of both their teams for months until the gap was massively reduced.

Technologies: ECS, AWS, Gitlab, Terraform

K8s whitelabel packaging

Fractional DevOps for a leading betting company.

The client wanted to have a whitelabel infrastructure-as-code setup to help sell their software to multiple clients. This had to work both in cloud AWS and AWS Outposts in multiple regions under the strongest security requirements.

Technologies: Terraform, AWS, EKS, Helm, FluxCD


Fractional DevOps for a leading company in UX insights.

The client wanted to improve their CI/CD pipelines and environment runtimes to become full GitOps and have all their setups managed by code.

Technologies: AWS, Terraform, ArgoCD, Github Actions

Infrastructure maintenance

We maintain and improve existing installations for multiple clients in different clouds and tech ecosystems.

Need help keeping the lights on? We have you covered!

Why Choose Us?

Yes, there are a lot of people working in Infrastructure as Code. And they all claim to be your best option, like we do.

Our best selling point is that we have been both developers, systems engineers and decision makers (CTOs, VPS…) in our career, so we understand the different needs the players in a DevOps organization have.

We have seen a lot of things, from videogaming and betting massive scale to e-commerce flash sales, from HIPAA and strong PCI requirements to the small startup that needs a prototype that can scale. No matter how big or small you are, we are here to help you!

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